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Looking Back on 2014

It’s time to take a look back at 2014, a year that saw progress towards sustainability, increased awareness of climate change, a tragic loss to our stewardship community and hope for positive change in the governance of our watershed.

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Rxn to Report of Local Control Task Force

Over the past several months, the CVRD has convened a task force on options for local control over water, convening local actors and outside experts. It produced a report “Regional Surface and Ground Water Management and Governance Study,” prepared by Urban Systems Ltd. for the CVRD that can be found here (big file - will take a bit of time to download). One Cowichan participated in the meetings, and submitted the following comments on the report:

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Good News On Salmon

It is wonderful to see our river and lake back at healthy levels and flows after the seemingly endless summer of 2014.  As we all know, when the rains came they came in spades and within a few weeks our weir was full and our river was as high as it ever got last winter.  The salmon immediately sensed this and bolted up the river, evading the predators in the estuary and getting to their preferred spawning grounds without difficulty.

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