Draft Democracy Campaign

2015 is a federal election year, and Cowichan will be a close "battleground" race with the recent addition of Langford to our riding. On February 10 we had an initial planning meeting where a small group brainstormed ideas about working on strengthening our democracy, including electoral reform.

Here is a draft plan/activities for comment:


  1. Push local candidates and their parties to commit to democratic reform
  2. Educate citizens in Cowichan about the issues


Keep it nice and simple – link out to other places for the keeners to go deeper

Possible Activities:

  • An online pledge/petition to party leaders – “I will vote for a candidate/party that…”
  • An event with interesting speakers
  • A riding level poll
  • Simple infographics to share online, with links to more information elsewhere
  • Guest blogs
  • Other?

Local Leadership Needed:

  • Event team members
  • Content generators (eg. guest blogs)

Do you have comments and/or do you want to join others in this campaign? Send an email to onecowichan [at] gmail [dot] com