Let's Make Cowichan A Climate Leader

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Climate change is an urgent challenge that requires action by all levels of government, including local government. Your voice can help make this happen.

Municipalities determine whether we have more urban sprawl, and more emissions, or whether we shift to denser, walkable communities with a better quality of life while preserving our forests and soils - carbon sinks.

Because climate impacts hit us at home, local governments also determine how ready we are to handle floods, droughts, and fires.

Other towns and cities outside of Cowichan are starting to take climate change more seriously. It's time we not only caught up, but became a climate leader.

Please consider joining other community members asking our local governments to step up and act on climate change.


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Petition Letter

Dear Mayor and Council of North Cowichan, Duncan, Ladysmith, and Lake Cowichan, and Chair and Members of the CVRD:

I am writing to urge you to make the Cowichan region a climate leader.

Local governments decide whether we have more sprawl and more emissions or whether we move to more compact, walkable communities. Land use decisions also affect the amount of carbon we store in our local trees and soils.

Municipalities also heavily influence how ready we are for climate impacts such as droughts, floods, and fires with decisions on local infrastructure.

I therefore urge you to follow other Canadian towns and cities in declaring a "climate emergency" and direct staff to bring you options for stepping up climate action. Most policy options are already known - it's more a matter of implementing them.

Yours sincerely,



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