Let's Get Some Funds to Raise the Weir!

GOAL: 3,000 signatures

We need to store more water in Cowichan Lake for the River. Help raise the weir!

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boat_on_the_river_IMG_9378_by_Debra_Toporowski_sm.jpgEach year our changing climate leads to minimal snow pack and less spring and summer rains for our Cowichan Watershed. This leads to low flow levels in the Cowichan River, making it difficult for returning salmon to spawn in the fall. Even with the weir, it's clear we need to store more water in Cowichan Lake for the River. 

While our local leaders work out plans to get this done, the Federal Government has announced funding to support infrastructure that helps communities adapt to climate change. Since raising our weir would do just that, below is a petition to the Government of Canada for some of those funds.

Please note: Federal petitions require all signatures to be in original hard copy for the House of Commons. Therefore the most effective way to sign is in person in one of two ways:

  • Sign in person at a community event when one of our team members is hosting a One Cowichan table, or
  • Download and print the petition here. Remember to ask your family and friends to sign too. When you are ready to hand in your petition form, contact Rosalie at rosalie@onecowichan.ca or 250-701-3134 to hand it in. 

By signing online or after handing in your completed petition you will be added to the One Cowichan emailing list to be kept informed of the developments on this issue. This will include an invitation to the public consultations happening in the coming months. For more complete information on this important issue, please go here.



Whereas climate change is resulting in lower water flows in the Cowichan River year after year and is posing a threat to fish and fish habitat, both of which fall under federal jurisdiction;

And whereas the Cowichan River Weir in Lake Cowichan is necessary for managing flow rates in the Cowichan River and sustaining populations of salmon and trout;

And whereas the Cowichan River is a designated Canadian Heritage River which has significant cultural and historical importance to the Cowichan people;

And whereas one of the main components of the government’s election campaign promises was to increase spending on infrastructure;

Therefore, we, the undersigned residents of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to immediately fund the raising of the Cowichan River Weir to a level necessary to ensure enough water flow in the Cowichan River that is sufficient to protect fish and fish habitat and to sustain cultural,  ecological, municipal and industrial requirements for this Canadian Heritage River.


Will you sign?