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Is There An Even Worse Drought In The Making?

Hands up, who would rather be living on the east coast this winter rather than in the amazing Cowichan Valley?  Not seeing any hands.  What an amazing winter we are having.  Spring has started already with flowering trees in Duncan and even flowering Indian Plum in my yard in the much colder Sahtlam area.

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Last November I attended a very interesting presentation by Dr. Richard Beamish at Vancouver Island University in Duncan.  This was one of the monthly Cowichan Watershed Board Speaker’s series and Dr. Beamish was talking about his new book The Sea Among Us, co-written with Gordon McFarlane.  The book is subtitled The Amazing Straight of Georgia and it chronicles every aspect of life in and around the Straight.

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Guest Blog: How's the News Leader Strike Going?

by Eric Morten

How's the strike going?”

I'm asked that question often–several times a week.

Ten weeks ago, 12 employees voted unanimously to strike after negotiations stalled over a two-tier wage proposal for new hires at the Cowichan News Leader Pictorial. The idea is that new people coming into the company start at a lower rate than the current lowest rate.

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