Candidate for Duncan City Councillor: Bob Brooke

Bob Brooke


  • Please tell us a bit about yourself and what made you decide to run in this election?

A Duncan Resident, and now retired, I am taking this opportunity to give back to the region that has provided me with so much over the years. I see the problems that cause distress to our community and believe that I along with the assistance of all levels of government, can help find workable solutions to at least moderate these issues.

  • Do you support the Drinking Water & Watersheds Protections Service bylaw referendum?  

YES. I do support the watershed protection services bylaw, understanding that source of potable water for our various communities is obtained through different aquifers, and therefore there are different issues and requirements for every area. I have yet to study the cost breakdown for this proposed bylaw.

  • Do you support the Cowichan Housing Association Service Establishment bylaw? 

YES. I am a strong proponent of creating shelter in varying forms for all  I have yet to study the cost breakdown for this proposed bylaw.

  • How do you plan to work with other governments within the region, including local First Nations as well as provincial and federal governments?

Regular communications between all levels of Government, is made more viable through scheduled meetings where ideas and proposals can be examined, and their merits and shortfalls can be discussed.  

  • One Cowichan supporters have expressed concerns about climate change, especially local impacts on our water resources. What local climate change mitigation and/or adaptation strategies would you support if elected?  

Climate change is an issue that every year becomes more serious and more widely acknowledged as a threat to our existing lifestyles. Water conservation of course an important part of this, but water supply and management I believe are the most pressing parts of this problem.

  • How do you propose managing growth sustainably in the Cowichan Region (e.g. transportation, environmental/agricultural protection, land-use, housing, cost of living)?

The attraction of the Cowichan Valley lifestyle appeals to more each year. It is this which drives the growth in population and while this is recognized as good and necessary, it also puts stress on our infrastructure both environmental and mechanical. Care must be taken to ensure that this growth does not get out of balance.

  • What do you consider the three most pressing issues facing local government and the one most important thing local government should do on each one?

I believe that the most pressing issues are housing availability and affordability, and the mental health/drug addiction with corresponding crime to property issue. Ensuring that the local levels of government are as assistive as possible to address construction of housing and that both the provincial and federal levels of government are involved in finding innovative solutions.

  • Our citizen surveys indicate a desire for more consultation and accountability between elected officials and their constituents. If elected, what would your approach be to those issues?

Council and committee meetings should continue to be open and accessible to all. Establish an electronic presence which would allow issue conversations to be made available to all interested parties for their comments or concerns.