Candidate for School District 79 Trustee: Elizabeth Croft

Elizabeth Croft (incumbent)

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* Please tell us a bit about yourself and what made you decide to run in this election?

My professional career has been primarily in communication – in video  production and writing. I’ve volunteered all my life, including executive positions on local, regional and national organizations.  I believe deeply in public education. Education, nurturing talent and intelligence are the foundation of civil society, kinder cultures, social justice, equity and all that is good in the human experience. I felt I had the experience and passion to make a contribution. And I love the experience of working with others on things that we all feel passionate about. I recently changed jobs, moving from 5 days a week to 4 – largely to have more time to be in schools during the day.

* What is your vision for the school district and how would getting elected help achieve it?

Our schools should be places of opportunity, learning, happiness – where it’s safe to be unconventional, to experiment and where a “failure” is defined as another step in getting there. Educational partners – staff, families, students, governance – work together to co-create education and caring future citizens.

Leadership’s role is to demonstrate and celebrate the values/practices that underwrite positive cultures for learning. We have a good, responsive curriculum and a wonderful community. It’s the Board’s job that students, staff and families understand that they are free, even obligated, to have control over learning.