Area E: Loren Duncan

Loren Duncan

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  • Please tell us a bit about yourself and what made you decide to run in this election?

I feel I have something to seriously add to the mosaic at the CVRD Board Table. I still have the energy and spark even after sitting on the sidelines the last four years.

  • Do you support the Drinking Water & Watersheds Protections Service bylaw referendum?  

No. I feel that the referendum question being region wide invites a high probability of failure, an all or nothing scenario. Recall the Sportsplex referendum last election, area by area. I campaigned on all doorsteps for the Service Establishment bylaw for Area “E”, and it passed with a large majority. Sportsplex now receive some funding, from some jurisdictions, but the referendum failed in the majority. All or nothing, no middle ground, high risk for the Watershed Protections Referendum.

  • Do you support the Cowichan Housing Association Service Establishment bylaw? 

I am canvasing on the doorsteps within Area “E”, looking for direction from the voting electorate in regards.

  • How do you plan to work with other governments within the region, including local First Nations as well as provincial and federal governments?

I plan to work as the agent for Area “E”, in both the more narrow local interest and in a broader public interest context.  

  • One Cowichan supporters have expressed concerns about climate change, especially local impacts on our water resources. What local climate change mitigation and/or adaptation strategies would you support if elected?  

It is actually Climate Changed, we are getting late in the game of mitigation, I support the shift to solar, wind, Hydro, and want to see more Electric transportation options and opportunities.

  • How do you propose managing growth sustainably in the Cowichan Region (e.g. transportation, environmental/agricultural protection, land-use, housing, cost of living)?

The CVRD has no Regional Growth Strategy as proscribed under the Local Government Act, this foundational piece of work needs to be done as it has been done in all neighboring jurisdictions.

  • What do you consider the three most pressing issues facing local government and the one most important thing local government should do on each one?

Local Government Taxation can not continue to grow at multiples of inflation + population growth. Discipline is sorely lacking in regards, within the CVRD, B.C., Canada.

  • Our citizen surveys indicate a desire for more consultation and accountability between elected officials and their constituents. If elected, what would your approach be to those issues?

Periodic community meetings in Cowichan Station, Sahtlam, Glenora. Something I did not do enough of during my previous 15 years as an Electoral Area Director on the CVRD Board.