Add Your Voice For A Good Water Law

We have until November 15 to provide feedback to the BC Government's proposed new water law. Would you take a few minutes to do so right now?

You can find the government's proposal at this link.

You can reply on the government blog, or else you can reply by email at [email protected]

Your input will be most powerful in your own words, but some points to consider including are:


  • Respecting First Nations Rights and Title in both the creation of a new law and in its implementation.


  • Spelling out in detail the ability of local bodies like our Cowichan Watershed Board to be able to take over real decision making authority over our watersheds


  • Funding local watershed management (so that it doesn't become simple downloading) through revenue sources such as charging large companies that draw surface and groundwater more than the ridiculously low fees currently proposed


  • Mandating clear, enforceable standards for protecting minimum stream flows, instead of the vague and ineffective 'guidelines' now on offer


  • Not letting the oil and gas industry off the hook, as is currently proposed


If you want to dig deeper into all this, here are some good sources to click on:

Polis Project

West Coast Environmental Law

Freshwater Alliance


Thanks so much for using your voice for a better Cowichan!