2014 Municipal Candidates



We've compiled a list of 2014 municipal candidates as indicated on the Civic Info BC and from local news.

Candidates listed in bold with an * are registered without contact information.

As a result, we have not been able to include them in our candidate questionnairePlease contact Rosalie at onecowichan (@) gmail.com with an email address.

Cowichan Valley Regional District    
Name Experience Registered in 2014  
Area A - Mill Bay/Malahat    
Kerry Davis None Area Director
Michael Walker Incumbent Area Director
Area B - Shawnigan Lake    
Brent Beach None Area Director
Sonia Furstenau None Area Director
Larry Jorginson None Area Director
Lois Morrow None Area Director
Bill Savage None Area Director
*Robert Arndt None Area Director
Area C - Cobble Hill    
Matteus Clement None Area Director
Dara Quast None Area Director
Area D - Cowichan Bay    
Currie Ellis None Area Director
Lori Iannidinardo Incumbent Area Director
Area E - Cowichan Station/Glenora    
Nathan Barker None Area Director
Loren Duncan Incumbent Area Director
Dan Ferguson None Area Director
Janice MacAlister Previously elected elsewhere Area Director
Alison Nicholson Unknown/Undisclosed Area Director
Area F - Cowichan Lake South/Skutz Falls    
Ian Morrison Incumbent Area Director
Area G - Saltair/Gulf Islands    
Mel Dorey Incumbent Area Director
*Tom Hockin Previously elected elsewhere Area Director
*John Sherry Unknown/Undisclosed Area Director
Area H - North Oyster/Diamond    
Mary Marcotte Incumbent Area Director
Area I - Youbou/Meade Creek    
Klaus Kuhn Served prior to 2011 Area Director
Name Experience Registered in 2014  
Phil Kent Incumbent Mayor
Peter Gordon Previously elected elsewhere Mayor
Martin Baker Incumbent Councillor
Michelle Bell Incumbent Councillor
Roger Bruce Previously elected elsewhere Councillor
Bobby Cole None Councillor
Tom Duncan Incumbent Councillor
Gordy Heppell None Councillor
Sharon Jackson Incumbent Councillor
George Nielsen None Councillor
Joe Thorne Incumbent Councillor
Michelle Staples Incumbent Councillor
Travis Peterson None Councillor
John Horgan None Councillor
John B. Garrison On council 2011-2014 Councillor
Katelyn Beale None Councillor
Name Experience Registered in 2014  
Gordon Horth On council 2011-14 Mayor
Marsh Stevens None Mayor
Aaron Stone None Mayor
Steve Arnett Incumbent Councillor
*Robert Cross None Councillor
Jillian Dashwood Incumbent Councillor
Bill Drysdale Incumbent Councillor
*Joe Friesenhan None Councillor
Carol Henderson None Councillor
*Cathleen McMahon None Councillor
Duck Paterson Incumbent Councillor
*Cal "Butch" Fradin None Councillor
Nita Grant None Councillor
Rob Hutchins On council 2011-14 Councillor
Thea Melvin None Councillor
Lake Cowichan    
Name Experience Registered in 2014  
Ross Forrest Incumbent Mayor
Kyle Wylie None Mayor
Wendy Klyne None Mayor
*Hubert Henri Crevels None Councillor
Bob Day Incumbent Councillor
Ted Gamble None Councillor
Tim McGonigle Incumbent Councillor
Bevery North None Councillor
Carolyne Austin None Councillor
Franklin Hornbrook Incumbent Councillor
Lorna Vomacka None Councillor
*Rocky Wise None Councillor
North Cowichan    
Name Experience Registered in 2014  
John Koury On Council 2011-14 Mayor
Jon Lefebure Incumbent Mayor
Damir Wallener None Mayor
Joyce Behnsen None Councillor
Peggy Bran None Councillor
Heather Campbell None Councillor
Jenni Capps Previously elected elsewhere Councillor
Rob Douglas None Councillor
Paul Fletcher Previously elected elsewhere Councillor
George Gates None Councillor
Dave Haywood Served prior to 2011 Councillor
Maeve Maguire None Councillor
Jagtar Singh Mann None Councillor
Kate Marsh Incumbent Councillor
Lura McCallum None Councillor
Jeffery Motley None Councillor
Greg Robson None Councillor
Al Siebring Incumbent Councillor
Tom Walker Served prior to 2011 Councillor
Ron Waller None Councillor
Nick Caumanns None Councillor
Jim Fane None Councillor
Laurie Thomson None Councillor


School District Trustees    
Name Experience Registered in 2014  
Dana Arthurs None School District Trustee
Kayla Barrett None School District Trustee
*Connie Buckner None School District Trustee
Keith Chicquen None School District Trustee
Roger Chin None School District Trustee
Elizabeth Croft None School District Trustee
Barb de Groot Served prior to 2011 School District Trustee
Joanne de Lure Unknown/undisclosed School District Trustee
Randy Doman Unknown/undisclosed School District Trustee
Deb Foster Incumbent School District Trustee
Rob Hutchins Previously elected elsewhere School District Trustee
*Amy Matamba None School District Trustee
*Ellen Oxman Incumbent School District Trustee
Amrik Prihar Incumbent School District Trustee
Cathy Schmidt Incumbent School District Trustee
Candace Spilsbury Incumbent School District Trustee
Joe Thorne Previously elected elsewhere School District Trustee


*missing contact information - questionnaire has not been sent - Please contact Rosalie at onecowichan (@) gmail.com with an email address to participate.