Ask Your Candidates 'How?"

We've got one word for candidates during #OurElection - How?

It's understandable that candidates get excited to represent us in Victoria. But sometimes they make a lot of promises and we need a little more information to know just how they plan to get it all done.

HOW.jpgOften the only way to hear what your candidate is promising is to attend one of the many all candidate debates. Each of these events will have different guidelines for asking questions, long line-ups from the audience and no way to follow up.

So to cut through all of that, we came up with this simple sign ->

Basically, if you want to hear more about what's been said, hold it up asking "how?".

Now we have to have some respectful ground rules:

  1. Silently raise your HOW sign to indicate you're listening, but want more information on how they plan to make whatever has been said, actually happen.
  2. Please keep it silent and steady - there is no need to wave it around.
  3. Encourage your friends and family to also use their own sign!

You can download your own sign for printing here.*

*Please note, this is a double sided document. 


For more information about your candidates, please go here.