Bob Day

Town of Lake Cowichan Candidate


Q1. Please tell us a bit about yourself and why you are running.

A: I am the father of four and have lived in the Town of Lake Cowichan for over 20 years. I was first elected to Town Council in 2008. I have put my name forward again because I have a passion for the work that needs to be done. Demographics and ecology are what guide most of of my decision making process. We tend to deny that every year we are another year older and that "every" decision made impacts the environment around us.


Q2. The community survey results placed a high priority on sustainability, in particular on protecting our watersheds, water supply and water quality, as well as on creating a more sustainable local economy. If elected, please describe what your approach would be to those issues.

A: Sustainability to me means that we need to live within our means, financially and environmentally. Every effort to produce what we consume( drinking water, food, shelter, clothing, etc.)needs to be done locally, and that process should be supported by local Goverments. We have to protect our water and air far more diligently than we have in the past and strive to discontinue practices that compromise the purity of these vital elements. To be truly sustainable as a region or municipality we need to make housing affordable, produce and market what we need locally, preserve and enhance everything that is natural around us.


Q3. The survey results indicated citizens want to see more consultation and accountability between elected officials and their constituents. If elected, please describe what your approach would be to those issues.

A: I believe that the best way to consult with constituents is to create and easily accessible question and answer section on local government websites. It would be here that people could comment and ask questions and elected officials would have an opportunity to comment and answer. As well 2 to 4 public meetings a year would be a good supplement to to the electronic method of communicating.


Q4. What is your position on municipal tax rates and the corresponding level and allocation of services?

A: The best definition of taxes I can find is "the fair and equitable distribution of wealth." It is getting very difficult for local government to meet the expected level of service expected by constituents. Every effort should be made to stick as close as possible to the consumer price index. At times this can be difficult in communities that fall behind in infrastructure renewal in which case higher increases may have to take place to bring budgets to a responsible level that services the needs and allows for renewal of aging infrastructure.


Q5. What is your vision for this area, and how would getting elected help achieve it?

A: My vision for this area would be simply stated - Sustainable. We have the diversity to supply all our needs and we need to create strict policy that restores and maintains and enhances our natural resources. We also have all the resources to supply the needs of the entire region and if we can find ways to produce all our needs locally we will always have employment. By growing, processing, selling and looking after our environment diligently we can be truly sustainable. Elected officials can create the framework to bring this to life.


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