Help Make Cowichan The Solar Capital Of BC

So we’re taking a bit of a risk with a new campaign.

Human nature is to mostly get active when speaking out to stop something bad from happening, but what about promoting the good stuff?

After all, without implementing solutions we’re destined to keep getting hit by the bad stuff.

Many of us are concerned about tankers, pipelines, and climate change. While much of that concern rightly centres on irresponsible policies in Ottawa and Victoria, there are nevertheless some solutions closer to home.

For example, the technology and cost of solar power have greatly improved over the past few years, meaning we can generate clean energy right here at home and even save money in the process.

And we live in the Warm Land, right? Solar is our thing.

There is already some great work happening here in Cowichan around solar after local people got together to make some bulk buys of solar panels.

But, we think this is just the beginning. Cowichan could become the solar capital of BC with the right mix of local government incentives and policies.

Others are moving. Kimberley has a whole “solar mine” – a major installation providing enough power for 200 homes to begin with. And the T’Sou-ke First Nation also has an impressive solar project with a mix of solar voltaic, solar hot water, and good old fashioned solar greenhouses.

We think Cowichan can do this and more. Solar is just one local energy solution, and we can move others too.

But to make this a priority, our local governments need to hear that local citizens are really onside.

This is why we’ve launched a campaign to get several hundred local signatures on a petition to local leaders asking them to implement a package of solutions to make Cowichan the solar capital of BC.

Will you add your voice?

There are three ways you can help:

  1. Sign the petition now and ask your friends to – the more that sign, the more our local leaders know that this is a priority
  2. Sign up to join other One Cowichan supporters to gather more signatures at local events, etc.
  3. Donate to help cover the costs of materials that volunteers will use when tabling, etc.

So, it’s a bit of a risk to ask you to get involved with something positive rather than negative, but we think people are ready for action on solutions.

Join us?

Best wishes,

Matt Price
One Cowichan