Ladysmith candidates 2022

Each election we ask our list of One Cowichan followers what matters to them this election and what questions they'd like us to ask the candidates. This year we received numerous thoughtful responses, many with similar themes and concerns. Out of those responses, we put together nine questions and sent them to all the candidates running for election in the Cowichan Valley, with a word limit of 100 words for each question.

Here are the answers from the candidates for Ladysmith Council who replied.


See below in alphabetical order, by last name, of those who responded, make all the photos as close to the same size as you reasonably can, I’ve included the names of those who did not respond.

Mayor Aaron Stone - Acclaimed

Alice Clark (include answers, photo, link to FB page)

Kim Nakahara (include answers, photo, link to FB page)

Rhonda Shirley (include answers, photo, link to FB page)

Ray Gourlay, Amanda Jacobson, Doug Johnson, Tricia McKay, Duck Paterson, Marsh Stevens, Lyle Tassone, and Jeff Virtanen did not respond.