Pledge to vote Yes for Water on Oct. 20 and help protect our drinking water and watersheds

GOAL: 2,000 signatures

Make it known that you will cast a Yes Vote for Water on October 20 to support protection of our drinking water and watershed.

The Cowichan region is at a critical point. Our population is rising as summer rainfall disappears. We’ve suffered from back-to-back droughts, including this summer’s stage 4 doozy. Our salmon are at risk. Because we don’t have adequate data on our region’s 58 aquifers and 17 watersheds to include water in development decisions, our drinking water may be next. All these problems will worsen with climate change. In many places where water still feels abundant, pollution jeopardizes our drinking water. 

Water is a top-of-mind concern for Cowichan residents and something we’ve called on local leaders to address. Now we can support them to take action by voting YES for Water on Oct. 20 (in support of the CVRD’s proposed Drinking Water and Watershed Protection Service Establishment Bylaw).

For the cost of a cup of coffee a month for the average property owner, the CVRD and local partners can protect our shared water resources through a new Drinking Water and Watershed Protection Program. The program is built around three principles – stronger local data, smarter decisions, effective investments – that aim to give us more control over our water and future in the Cowichan.

Want more information? Learn more about what we stand to gain from voting YES for Water.

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Petition Letter

I pledge to vote YES in favour of the Cowichan Valley Regional District adopting "CVRD Bylaw No. 4202 - Drinking Water and Watershed Protection Service Establishment Bylaw, 2018" to support regional programs related to drinking water and watershed protection.

Will you sign?