Draft Solar Campaign

During our preparation for a possible citizens initiative on Enbridge, our local teams often grappled with positive alternatives. The good news is that solar technology costs are dropping rapidly, and we live in the warmland! There is already great local solar work happening, but much more is possible. On February 10 a small group had an initial brainstorm about ideas.

Note: there are already other groupings working on local solar – the intent isn’t to replace any of them, but to enhance collective efforts. We need to be collaborative. Here is a draft plan/activities for comment:


  1. Create social license with decision makers for aggressive solar action in Cowichan
  2. Re-energize One Cowichan teams/supporters that emerged on Enbridge issue


Something aspirational and invoking leadership, like “solar capital of BC/Canada”

Possible Activities:

  • Research a package of leadership actions our local governments can take – create a robust “ask”
  • Conduct petition drive around that ask with goal of 3k local signatures to show social license
  • Possible launch event - screening of new Future of Energy film
  • Invite existing One Cowichan teams to both help with signatures and to brainstorm public ed activities
  • Partner with Cowichan Tribes to invite T’Sou-ke speaker to Cowichan to talk about their solar work
  • Piggyback a solar-themed June 18 local concert to coincide with Live Earth global event
  • Online work – infographics, guest blogs, etc
  • Other?

Local Leadership Needed:

  • Solar research team
  • One Cowichan local teams
  • Event(s) teams (eg. June 18, and/or First Nations speaker)

Do you have comments and/or do you want to join others in this campaign? Send an email to onecowichan [at] gmail [dot] com