Team Coordinator Role Description

Work closely with a co-team coordinator (deputy) to help organize team and ensure following roles are covered consistently.

Point of contact for the team with One Cowichan (OC) organizer (Rosalie) or with sub-regional organizer as that position emerges.
Convenor of periodic team meetings, ensuring:
  • invitation calls are made/emails sent,
  • facilitator and note taker are designated, and
  • next steps are captured during the meeting, circulated after the meeting, and followed up on
Steward of communication within the team and across teams in concert with One Cowichan organizer or sub-regional organizer.

Steward of team fun, making sure team members are feeling good while doing good.

As team coordinator, you are a team member of other team coordinators like you, either on a valley-wide basis, or else on a sub-regional basis as that emerges, to ensure coordination across teams and on a possible advisory board basis – to be discussed.

The team coordinator (and deputy) role can rotate over time, after a minimum of 6 months to ensure consistency.