Ted Gamble

Town of Lake Cowichan Candidate

Facebook: Ted Gamble


Q1. Please tell us a bit about yourself and why you are running.

A: I have lived in Cowichan Lake for 6 years and love it because of the community here. I spearheaded some Lake Cowichan citizens who successfully exerted pressure on the Lake Cowichan Council to opt into the payment scheme for equal access to the Cowichan Aquatic Centre. This initiative has great value for our community and I found several councillors did not recognize the various benefits because their vision was clouded by history. This one reason we need an infusion of new blood into council - so we can have the historic perspective and a fresh look at our problems working together. I want to approach approach all issues with an open mind. 


Q2. The community survey results placed a high priority on sustainability, in particular on protecting our watersheds, water supply and water quality, as well as on creating a more sustainable local economy. If elected, please describe what your approach would be to those issues.

A: The community has been aware of the problem for a long time so it isn’t just a matter of letting people know that we have some serious concerns, especially with our watershed. We need to get all the facts together so a decision can be made with full understanding of the repercussions of those decisions. I understand that the final decision is not one that the town can make, but that doesn’t prevent us from formulating some well documented and well-thought out proposals which can be forwarded to all levels of government. We need to let all parties concerned know that we are committed to a healthy environment  and want to be a part of the solution not the problem.


Q3. The survey results indicated citizens want to see more consultation and accountability between elected officials and their constituents. If elected, please describe what your approach would be to those issues.

A: I think transparency is an important aspect of integrity. I believe that being open to the concerns of constituents and addressing them to the best of councils ability is paramount in being accountable to the people who have placed their trust in a council member. As a member of council It would be my responsibility to interact with my constituents in a fashion that is inclusive with communication being a two way street whereby I both explain what is happening at council level and solicit input from citizens on matters which are under discussion. The bottom line is that the council works for the citizens and we need to report to them as well as listen to their concerns.


Q4. What is your position on municipal tax rates and the corresponding level and allocation of services?

A: We have to invest in our communities to keep them alive and healthy, at the same time middle class families, elderly people on fixed incomes still need to engage with their communities in a financially healthy fashion. As with owning a house, there is a balance of expenditures with economic reality that has to occur to sustain the environment in a health mode for the long term. Small towns across the country have the same problems. You need a certain tax base to support the infrastructure necessary to run a town. We are fortunate that in the Cowichan Lake district there are many volunteer organizations which help deliver services. But we can’t count that as part of our operating budget. Any town that does not have a strong business and industrial base suffers from perceived high taxes in comparison to the services. By making this an area for ecologically sound businesses we can get the tax base we need without penalizing the citizens.


Q5. What is your vision for this area, and how would getting elected help achieve it?

A: The Cowichan Valley is a physical jewel but the reason you enjoy living in a community is the people. My vision is to make the choice of living in Lake Cowichan a realistic one for young wage-earners, young families, empty nesters and retired folk of all ages. To do so we need to create a business friendly environment which will attract development money, create jobs, increase our tax base while keeping cost of living factors under control.We want the people who love living here to stay here, work here and retire here with full services and the support they need.


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