Have Your Say In New Rules For Our Water

After about 100 years, the BC government is rewriting the law about our water right now. With many voices we can ensure they get it right.

During the recent BC election campaign, the BC Liberals promised that they would:

"Consult on the Water Sustainability Act in 2013 with the intention of passing this legislation in 2014. The Act will protect B.C. aquifers and drinking water resources while providing industry with a framework under which drinking water allocations are made."

We agree that it is time to fix BC’s outdated water law to both improve protections for our water and to provide more local control to decision makers closer to the source. (For much more detail, you can check out Polis).

We have a short window to use our voices to influence what the new law looks like - please use yours and encourage others to join in.


Dear Minister Polak,

I look forward to the public consultations on the promised Water Sustainability Act.

I would like to add my voice to those calling for greater protection for our water and for giving appropriate local bodies real authority to manage their own watersheds in partnership with First Nations.

A new law should both fix the patchwork approach of the past as well as anticipate the challenges of the future in a warming world.

Yours sincerely,

Will you sign?