Wendy Klyne

Town of Lake Cowichan Mayor Candidate


Q1. Please tell us a bit about yourself and why you are running.

A: I have lived in the Town of Lake Cowichan for over 18 years.  While I was a realtor for the last 7 years focusing on the Cowichan Lake area, I have a background of experience and strength that makes me an ideal candidate for Mayor. I was the owner of a Business Consulting firm for 20 years focusing on Tourism, Community and Business Development.  Now retired, I want to bring my knowledge, experience and understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing the Town of Lake Cowichan to Town Council.  The community has challenges with taxation, fiscal responsibility, and the need to expand the tax base.  I want to see the community grow in a healthy and managed way benefiting the residents of our beautiful Town.


Q2. The community survey results placed a high priority on sustainability, in particular on protecting our watersheds, water supply and water quality, as well as on creating a more sustainable local economy. If elected, please describe what your approach would be to those issues.

A: This last couple of years have brought the need for water management to the forefront.  This issue is not going away.   it is very clear there is a water problem in the Cowichan Region and we need to be creative in addressing these issues.  Raising the weir is definitely the first step, continual education about water use and conservation must start at the Town office and work its way through the residents.  It needs to be integrated into the day to day living of the residents, not just during the summer. 


Q3. The survey results indicated citizens want to see more consultation and accountability between elected officials and their constituents. If elected, please describe what your approach would be to those issues.

A: It is important for the Town of Lake Cowichan that a New Direction be instilled at the Town Hall, starting at the elected officials and working down to the Town staff.  We must be open to new business opportunities, remove red tape hindering the existing businesses and consistently apply the bylaws and regulations rather than a one off response to enquiries or complaints.  Involving the community in the management of the Town has been lax, residents want more information, want to be included in decisions that impact their taxes.   


Q4. What is your position on municipal tax rates and the corresponding level and allocation of services?

A: Community growth provides a bigger tax base and jobs that will get us better services and infrastructure.  But we have to be smart about it. We have to make a plan to attract business and families without over taxing those who already call the Town of Lake Cowichan home.  We have many empty buildings in the heart of the down town, so it is important to work at bringing new business or industry to the community as well as supporting the existing businesses.  We have a mandate by the Province to source a second source of water and this will be a costly project.  Much money has been spent make the community attractive, now we need to consciously plan and undertake activities to increase the tax base and not just raise taxes. 


Q5. What is your vision for this area, and how would getting elected help achieve it?

A: My vision for the Town of Lake Cowichan is to have a vibrant business community, managed Tourism industry, and fiscally responsible Town Hall.  The water, sewer and infrastructure necessary to secure the long term viability of the community will be in place.  A seniors care facility, light industry and expanded tax base are necessary to achieve my vision.  I feel that my experience and skill sets will help to bring the right people to the tab le and ensure we achieve this vision.


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