Why I'll Be There On Wednesday

Everyday on our way to Discovery Elementary, my middle son and I cross paths with a grade 4 student  and his little brother.  This boy, whose name I do not know, walks his bother to and from kindergarten  everyday.  I have never seen a parent.

The older brother is very sweet. When the younger one is crying and being difficult, the older brother is always patient and kind. 

There is a singular thought that haunts me: what if this kind and gentle boy were to get cancer or Alzheimer's or some other strange disease in 20 years as a result of the insanity that has been dumped upon our community?

If that were to come to pass and I had done nothing to try and stop it, I would not be able to live with myself.  This has been the driving force for me; not property values, oddly not even my own children, but this boy, who for me represents all the kids that live in this valley that will inherit the consequences of the legacy we leave behind.

I have had to push the boundaries of my own comfort zone and stand up and do what I can to fight this battle.  I am grateful to be involved because I know I am doing the best I can to contribute to the greater good of the whole community. 

David Suzuki likes to tell a First Nations story about a hummingbird, “When a forest fire began, the humming bird flew to a lake, picked up a drop of water in its beak, flew back and dropped it in on the fire.  And went back and forth, again and again. And all the other animals just laughed at the hummingbird and said, ‘what are you doing, it’s not going to make a difference?’  

And his answer was, ‘I’m doing the best I can.'”


You can find details about the Wednesday rally here.