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(Cowichan Valley, BC) Today the local citizens group One Cowichan launched a non-partisan campaign geared to the upcoming provincial election to gain local control over the Cowichan watershed. The campaign seeks thousands of citizens to pledge to vote for local control, sending a signal to candidates of all political stripes to promise to make this commitment.

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Pollution Another Reason For Local Control

By Parker Jefferson

As I may have mentioned before, I go fishing a lot.  My most ambitious and exciting annual adventure is a trip to the Dean river on the central coast of BC.  Several years ago I was camped about 30 km up the river with four friends.  We had chartered a helicopter to get there and set up our camp by the river in a very remote location surrounded by beautiful wilderness and a few fortunately well-fed grizzly bears. 

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Survey Results Released


New Citizens Group Charts Pathway


(Cowichan Valley, BC) A new citizens group in the Cowichan Valley has begun to chart its course through the release of results of a survey of local residents asking what they care about. Over 170 citizens gave their opinions on what is great about the Valley and what can be improved, with the results released today in a short report called A Cowichan Snapshot.

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