Welcome to #OurElection 2017!

_OurElection_water_screen_shot_only.jpgOur goal as citizen's is to make the May 9th BC election about us, the voters. We have collected (we hope) all the information you need to make an informed decision. Let us know if anything is missing!

  • Tell Us Why You're Voting! Share your message to motivate and inspire others to vote too!

  • Getting Ready to Vote - check out all you need to know to get ready to cast your ballot on or before May 9th!

  • The Candidates - Here's what they have to say about their hopes for becoming your MLA and where they stand on several of the issues. Attending an all candidates meeting? Be sure to ask some questions and silently remind them you want to know 'how' they plan to implement their campaign promises with this 'HOW?' sign!

  • #OurElection Calendar - This events calendar has a list of opportunities for you to meet the candidates as well as a list of events where our teams will be out talking to voters about this election.

Want to join our team? You can do that here.

We also need folks who are able to donate to support the work.  

Our overall goal as a citizen's group is to connect our voices as one, to not only build community during elections, but also to work together to hold our elected officials accountable to our Cowichan values later. We are stronger together!

If you have any feedback or want more information, please get in touch.

Thanks for checking us out!