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Local Control Task Force - Round 2

If you live in the Cowichan Region, you will know that water is always at the centre of our existence—geographically, ecologically, and culturally. As we enter yet another seasonal drought episode, consciousness about water is heightened. We humans are programmed to take a keener interest in all things scarce, but when that scarcity entails one of life’s necessities, our limbic systems concentrate the mind, sharpening our focus.

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Rivers of Oil

This is certainly not our typical June. We are usually wondering, as the longest day approaches, where is summer? Not this year, no hint of the usual “Juneuary” weather, we have had a spectacular spring. 

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Enbridge - Get Mad, But Get Even

Well he did it. Some part of me held out hope that Stephen Harper would listen to British Columbians and reject the Enbridge project. But he’s just too far gone, too rigid to see positive alternatives.

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