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I think we can all agree we live in a beautiful place. We are endowed with tremendous natural beauty including lakes, rivers and parks for us all to enjoy. We have a strong sense of community and a tradition of stewardship and volunteerism that is the envy of many other communities. We have a wealth of knowledge about our environment and our society that enables us to make sound decisions about our future.

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We Have A Plan

After several decades of meetings, discussions, ideas and arguments we finally have a plan for water management in the Cowichan watershed. 

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A Day of Faith

On April 28th I traveled to Burnaby mountain.  I belong to the One Cowichan group that has signed up to support those on the ground opposing the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion.  More than anything, people are needed in Burnaby so we committed to network with as many friends and like-minded people as possible and show up when there is a call to action by the Coast Protectors and

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