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A Good Year For Salmon

It is a good time of year to look around us and realize what a beautiful place we live in.  The recent stretch of beautiful weather just underlines this feeling and it is even sweeter this year because of the rains we got in September.  Our river and lake are in great shape, in stark contrast to last year at this time.  Those of us in the Stewardship community can relax and enjoy this fine weather because the September gift of water has filled our coffers and there is plenty of water in the river for the returning salmon. 

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Statement On Proposed New BC Water Law

Today the BC Government released a proposal to update our water law. Matt Price of One Cowichan had this statement:

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One Year Of One Cowichan

Wow, a year goes by fast. Like many good things, it all started in a neighbours’ living room.

After a hot summer, our rivers were dangerously low, the rains were still not coming, and the salmon were starting to gather in Cowichan Bay. Earlier in the year, despite direct pleas from local First Nations and mayors, the province had released water from behind the weir on the Cowichan River – water that could have helped the fish.

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