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Tools for Our Local Governments to Decarbonize New Buildings and Improve Our Lives: BC’s New Zero Carbon Step Code

Buildings in North America and around the globe generate about 40% of annual CO2 and CH4 (methane) emissions – the main drivers of climate disruption  - with most emissions coming from space and water heating using fossil gas and oil, as well as from gas stoves and fireplaces. Right now, the use of fossil (methane) gas continues to expand in new construction in our province and our community. Fortis, BC’s gas corporation, continues to euphemistically call methane “natural gas,” a marketing ploy adopted in the 19th century, and to call gas a “transition fuel”, when we know that gas leaks make it as damaging as coal. There is increasing evidence that fossil gas leaks in homes - and new evidence of how unhealthy living in buildings using gas is, especially for children. 

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2022 Local Election Candidate Questionnaires

Each election we ask our list of One Cowichan followers what matters to them this election and what questions they'd like us to ask the candidates. This year we received numerous thoughtful responses, many with similar themes and concerns. Out of those responses, we put together nine questions and sent them to all the candidates running for election in the Cowichan Valley, with a word limit of 100 words for each question. Here are the answers from each election area from candidates who replied.

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Setting the Record Straight – Our Approach to Elections

Local journalist Larry Pynn recently contacted One Cowichan Board members saying that North Cowichan Mayor Al Siebring had told him that One Cowichan is not endorsing mayoralty candidate Rosalie Sawrie in this election. He asked us for a statement. The short answer is that One Cowichan doesn’t endorse electoral candidates, and we never have. We provided him with this statement.

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