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The Other Scary Graph Cowichan Isn't Talking About

I know you aren't supposed to talk about graphs. They are boring. People switch off. We should tell stories instead. But I'm still going to talk about two of them, because they keep me up at night.

One of them we are already talking about publicly, in the sense that the media and politicians are on it. But the other is one that the Cowichan community is yet to grapple with seriously, even though it may be scarier.

A little while ago the Cowichan Watershed Board hosted one of its speakers nights, this time with a theme on climate change.

The star of the show was probably 16-year old Sierra Robinson of the Earth Guardians Cowichan Valley group, already an accomplished permaculture teacher, and also one of the organizers of the May 17 youth climate strike.

Sierra didn't need to show any graphs. At one point she broke down with the weight of it all, as a young person not only personally facing a frightening future, but also carrying the burden of trying to wake us adults the heck up.

Then there were the graphs.

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Climate Survey Results

A big thank you to the almost 250 people who took the time to fill out the One Cowichan climate survey. We wanted to ask community members for their thoughts on what One Cowichan might do in a local climate campaign. Here are the results. We know this is not a 'scientific' poll - more of a temperature check from a set of people who are interested.


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Tiny House #5

I don't know if you remember the last two weeks of October, but the weather was spectacular. Not one drop of rain fell. it was warm, not hot, perfect for outdoor work. This is when University of Victoria students and many others who support indigenous resurgence built Tiny House #5 for the Tiny House Warriors. The Tiny House Warriors are a group of Secwepemc people whose mission is to stop the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion from crossing unceded Secwepemc territory. This group is led by Secwepemc mother, birth keeper and traditional tattoo artist Kanahus Manuel. The plan is to build ten tiny houses and place them strategically along the Trans Mountain pipeline route and to assert Secwepemc law and jurisdiction. Currently, there is a new village being established in Blue River on Highway 5.

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